Entertainment Portal Volunteers

The Entertainment Portal is a free, web based, collaborative, virtual library and a portal to the trillion+ pages of information on the Internet. It provides the Hopefuls with instant access to the best of the best educational websites, videos, books/reports, photos, animations, designed especially for Hopefuls to assist them in their studies. All major subjects are covered including science, math, language, social studies, technology etc.

The Entertainment Portal is similar to the hugely successful Wikipedia because it is a mass collaborative effort that is designed to receive content from masses of volunteers located anywhere in the world. However, unlike Wikipedia the Entertainment Portal Volunteers are not expected to write articles or create the content that is being recommended such as websites, videos and photos – instead Entertainment Portal volunteers are only tasked with helping us to find/filter, rate and provide a short description of the content.

Entertainment Portal Guide

Guides help us search the Internet and recommend contents for our Entertainment and Entertainment Portals such as websites, photos, online books/reports, and videos. Volunteer – Guides are the backbone of the HopeNet - Entertainment Portal program. Almost anyone can volunteer to become a Guide, including students, adults even Hopefuls.

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Entertainment Portal Editor

The goal of the HopeNet - Entertainment and Entertainment Portals is to become the world's best library of online content. The role of an Editor is to help us ensure the quality control of our portals. Editors help filter and verify the quality of the content that is being recommended by our Guides. The content that Editors validate includes websites, photos, videos, and online books/reports.

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Entertainment Portal Administrator

Administrators are the fail-safe mechanism for HopeNet to make sure all programs are running smoothly and safely for the Hopefuls. There are numerous roles for Administrators which, primarily, involve the oversight of the activities performed by the Hopefuls, Volunteers, and Sponsors. For example: Administrators review and approve/decline the posting of the Entertainment Portal content being recommended/edited by Guides and Editors.

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