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HopeNet Global Communications Network
Our global communications network harnesses the power of social-media to facilitate global cultural exchange, interaction and understanding. HopeNet provides real time, one-to-one contact between the Hopefuls, and their tutors mentors and sponsors
using email, chat messaging, 3-D virtual world's, and video and voice conferencing.

The Hopefuls are organized by their elementary schools. To view the Hopefuls that belong to a particular school just click the city and school in the dropdown box below. You may then click on the "In the Cybrary Now" button to see the Hopefuls that are presently in their schools Hope Cybrary

To locate a Hopeful in a specific school click the city and school in the dropdown box.

All Hopefuls

Click the buttons to view Hopefuls who are in the Cybrary now or in the last 24 hours.


Community Building

The purpose of the Community Building Program is to provide the Hopefuls with team, leadership and life skills that can be used as a basis for their livelihood and to rebuild their communities at the barangay level.

Peace Building

The HopeNet Peace Building program encompasses several programs including our Values & Virtues, Spirituality, and our Kindness Workz program.

About the Hopefuls

To obtain what we have never had, we must do what we have not yet done...

Soon an awakening will sweep across the planet, where an emerging class of global youth value green above gold, virtue above vice, and freedom above security. A people who inspire us with their deeds and whose kindness has become their currency. We see them coming together in their pursuit of peace and wisdom, in the service of mankind. We call these Global youth “The Hopefuls;” they are the single element of our society that has not yet succumbed to prejudice or been corrupted by vices. They possess the gift of belief and are the carriers of hope.

Kindness Workz Map

Below is a map of the Kindness Workz done by the Hopefuls. Just zoom in and click any of the green arrows to see an explanation of how the hopefuls are helping their communities and neighbors.



"Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime"
"Teach a child to fish and feed the world"
HopeNet is the world's first collaborative, immersive, muti purpose web-based, knowledge platform for children, delivered in 42 languages.