Every Hopeful has a dream and the objective of the HopeNet eMentoring services is to provide each Hopeful with caring adults to help guide them to their dream. HopeNet eMentors from around the world will mentor the Hopefuls by providing encouragement, guidance, recognition and friendship, and serve as role models. HopeNet offers both an Instant eMentoring and a Private eMentoring program. The Instant eMentoring program provides the Hopefuls with a constant stream of positive reinforcement and encouragement, through comments left by eMentors on the Hopefuls My Profile pages. The Private eMentoring program is not yet active but will be similar to the Big Brothers - Big Sisters program operating in the United States, except that this program would be done entirely online.

It is projected that the Private eMentoring program will launch December 2011.
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