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The right of private judgment presupposes a judgment to judge with.
This presupposes knowledge, and knowledge is the result of education.
Triumph of Democracy – 1888

Knowledge is defined as: ”the sum of what is known.“ Knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth (save wisdom) and is the key factor in determining success. The wonderful thing about knowledge is that in order to possess it we do not need to manufacture or create it, we can in fact assimilate or absorb the Knowledge that has been created by others and pass it on. The goal of the Knowledge Portal is to present the Hopefuls with the sum of the very best of all available human knowledge.

The Knowledge Portal is a free, web based, collaborative, virtual library and a portal to the trillion+pages of information on the Internet. It provides the Hopefuls with instant access to the best of the best educational websites, videos, books/reports, photos, animations, designed especially for Hopefuls to assist them in their studies. All major subjects are covered including science, math, language, social studies, technology etc (see the Knowledge Portal image below).

The Knowledge Portal is similar to the hugely successful Wikipedia because it is a mass collaborative effort that is designed to receive content from masses of volunteers located anywhere in the world. However, unlike Wikipedia the Knowledge Portal Volunteers are not expected to write articles or create the content that is being recommended such as websites, videos and photos – instead Knowledge Portal
volunteers are only tasked with helping us to find/filter, rate and provide a short description of the content.
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