HopeNet will encourage entrepreneurship and responsible purchasing in the Hopefuls from the very beginning of their entrance into HopeNet. HopeNet has several eLivelihood programs including our My-eStore program, eCommissary and our Online Advertising revenue program.

One of our primary goals is to enable the Hopefuls to become financially self supporting, and we feel strongly that if we cultivate entrepreneurship and responsible purchasing from an early age then the children will learn to be able to help support themselves and their families. From the very beginning the Hopefuls will have access to our eCommissary where they can use their Hope-Bucks to purchase primarily necessary and educational products and down-loadable goods such as school supplies, computer electronics, books and some entertainment items. The products will be provided by HopeNet sponsors who are more than happy to lend a helping hand to children who are proven to help themselves and their community.

After having been enrolled in HopeNet for a period of time and meeting the minimum requirements, we will also provide the Hopefuls with their own online store through our My-eStore program. My eStore allows the Hopefuls to sell down-loadable goods of their own creation such as artwork, music, videos, etc. Eligible Hopefuls will also be provided with their own Advertising revenue program which they can use to run online advertisements in their My-eStore and their Virtual Community pages. The funds from the Advertising revenue program will be deposited in a trust account for the Hopefuls and released after a predetermined period of time.

It is projected that the eLivelihood program will launch second quarter 2012.
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