Peace Building

The HopeNet Peace Building program involves several programs including our Values & Virtues, Spirituality, and our Kindness program. Our flagship Peace Building program is our Kindness program, where the Hopefuls provide community services such as garbage clean up, tree planting, repair and other Kindness-Workz. As a form of encouragement and recognition to the Hopefuls for participating in the Kindness program they receive Hope-Bucks for their Kindness Workz.

The Values & Virtues program provides a forum for the Hopefuls to exercise and recognize the value of virtues such as empathy, courage, persistence, wisdom and tolerance. Our Spirituality program encourages the Hopeful to tolerate all faiths and to exercise and study the faith of their choosing.

HopeNet is fueled by the Kindness program, which all other HopeNet programs are based upon. All HopeNet services are free of monetary cost to the Hopefuls, however before a Hopeful can utilize a HopeNet service they are required to perform Kindness Workz (community service) within their local community.

The purpose of the Kindness program is twofold: First of all, our main goal is for the Hopefuls to spread hope and rekindle the faith of the people - giving them something to believe in. We believe that the Kindness performed by the Hopefuls on a consistent basis will cause a chain reaction of Kindness - Hope and Faith, and ultimately... Peace. Secondly, the Kindness activities are intended to serve as a character building exercise for the Hopefuls which will permeate and enhance all facets of the lives of the Hopefuls.

It is projected that the Values & Virtues program along with the Spirituality program will launch in the first quarter 2012.
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