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Please feel free to look around and visit our Elementary School Cybraries and see our Hopefuls in action. We've posted photos and videos, and we even have live webcam feeds available, so you can see what's happening with our Hopefuls in the cybraries right now.

- Webcams currently online -

Live Stream

Live Cybrary Webcams

We have placed webcams throughout the cybraries located in the elementary schools. You may choose your cybrary view by clicking the webcam preview below. We strongly believe in being open and accountable and it is in this spirit that we have positioned webcams throughout our cybraries.

Cam 1
Static Cam 1
Cam 2
Static Cam 2
Click the city and school in the dropdown box to see the live webcam preview feeds of the cybrary of your choice

Cam 3
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Cam 4
Static Cam 4
Cam 5
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Cam 6
Static Cam 6

The Hope Cybraries (cyber – libraries) are the link to a past we can no longer see and the bridge to a limitless future, as yet undefined. This Cybraries represent the most democratic of institutions, established to enlighten deserving children with access to the information they need to create the future of their choice. The cybraries provide both real and virtual world facilities, and they are primarily designed for the use of our children, know as the Hopefuls, but the results are intended to benefit all of mankind. The cybraries merge the virtual world with the real world to provide the Hopeful's with the optimum learning, growing and life skills experience.

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